Repetative Work Injury, Uneven (Short) Leg, Infertility

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We're Pregnant!

When our family started seeing Dr. MacAdam, we had previously had occasional chiropractic care elsewhere. We love Dr. Mac's cheerful and positive family approach to care -- answering all our questions with a seeming passion to educate us about our body and its capacity to heal.

Our daughter, Brianna was four years old when we began coming to Dr. Mac.  Apart from "car-seat neck" from sleeping in the car, she had no complaints.  But, we like to keep the "power turned on"…especially to fight those colds or viruses.  We like drug-free care!

Gordon uses his hands and arms intensively all day doing detailed work as a dental technician and had spots of pain and tension in his mid-back, which let-up on some weekends.  This is a joy hazard and he needs regular massage, but his mid-back pain has eased since beginning chiropractic and he is better for the stretches and position changes at work that Dr. Mac has taught him to do.  Besides this, Dr. Mac is scheduling time to come to the lab and evaluate his chair, position and teach all the lab staff about how they can help themselves while they perform their work.

For 20 years, I have believed that I had one leg about an inch shorter than the other.  I was told this by an osteopath and then by an orthopedic surgeon who offered to put a rod in my spine.  My standing position left my lower back curved, one paint let shorter than the other and fatigued my lower back.  The osteopath told me that I should wear a lift built into my show that was at least 3/4" high, if not 1".  I actually did this on and off throughout the years, especially when I worked as a nurse and was on my feet a lot.  It was ugly!

No other chiropractor had mentioned what Dr. MacAdam told me when I first saw him.  He told me that a short leg was possible, that greater than 90% of short legs were in fact caused by a rotated pelvis.  The end of this long story is that since seeing Dr. Mac, I do NOT have a short leg, may pants are not uneven, my lower back does not ache when I stand and I have stopped putting all my weight on my left foot when standing to compensate for the "short" leg.  I DON'T wear an ugly shoe…and, I'm PREGNANT!

Pregnant?!?  What has that got to do with anything?  Well, my husband and I have been slow to conceive since we married and have suffered several miscarriages.  Dr. Mac is slow to take all the credit for this, but after starting chiropractic are, we conceived almost instantly and are carrying this baby already to six months.  He says if you clear up the nerve pathways to affected organs, it's amazing how they can do their jobs.  In my case, my pelvis and lumbar spine was rotated, which neurologically affected my reproductive organs.  Dr. Mac just removes the interference.  Now I get to use the pregnancy table during my adjustments.  I just hope he doesn't expect us to name the baby "Mac" or "Adam"!! Our family is grateful to God for leading us to Dr. MacAdam and giving us the opportunity for health.

The Russell Family